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Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club is a private members club and is one of Ireland's leading rackets clubs. The Club offers a wide range of activities and services for its members.

The Club was established in 1877 and is one of the oldest tennis clubs in the world. Members enjoy an variety of Club facilities and are encouraged to invite guests to join them.

Guests should be aware that parking spaces are limited and so the Club can only facilitate member parking. There is ample on-street parking outside of the Club grounds on Winton Road and guests are advised to pay for their on-street parking for the entire duration of their visit.

Mobile phones must be switched off or be in silent mode in the Club buildings, terraces and playing areas. Mobile phone conversation should only take place in the designated areas in the Club. Mobile phones and other SMALL hand held devices may be consulted, on silent, to read or respond to messages or check diaries, in any part of the Club, except the Dining Room.

Laptop Computers and Tablets and may only be used in the glass office under the stairs on the ground floor. The use of Mobile Phones or other Electronic Media Devices to take photographs is not allowed in any part of the Club.

Nominations for new Membership are invitied from early December to mid-January each year. Prospective members must be proposed and seconded by 2 Members. Please contact for further information.


Dress Code for Tennis Courts

  • Players must be dressed in predominantly white tennis clothing, including shoes (80% white to be taken as the guide)
  • Shirts may carry a discreet motif, but not a slogan of any description
  • Plain white T-shirts may be worn
  • Singlets are not permitted, nor are bare midriffs
  • Coloured track-suits, coloured sweaters and similar garments may be worn throughout the game during winter months (October to March inclusive)
  • Such clothing may also be worn during the warm-up period in the summer months (April to September inclusive)
  • The warm-up period would not normally exceed 15 minutes
  • Lycra undershorts may be worn, but must either be white or fully covered by outer clothing
  • Running shoes or shoes with ribbed or studded soles that might damage the courts (ie pimpled grass court shoes) are not permitted
  • Sun visors and baseball caps may be white or coloured
  • Coloured warm hats may be worn during the winter months only (October to March inclusive)
  • Children (under the age of eight) taking part in organised short tennis (not on a tennis court) may wear coloured clothing
  • Children (under the age of eight) taking part in organized short tennis (not on a tennis court) must wear non-marking shoes
  • Visitors are required to wear recognised tennis shoes and tennis clothing when using the practice wall
  • Any visitor not complying with the above regulations may be asked to leave the court and their guest fee will not be refunded
  • The interpretation of the regulations rests solely with the Committee


White tennis clothing is available for sale from store at the rear of the clubhouse.


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